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Website Privacy Policy

Worldzī is a trademark of Bulzī Media Inc. whose corporate website,, provides information related to the company, its products, markets served and contact information to reach Bulzī regarding the information and content provided. Worldzī website users have the option of providing the company with personally identifiable information, such as their first and last name, e-mail addresses, telephone/fax numbers and physical address. This information is provided on an opt-in basis.

Worldzī uses the voluntary information provided by users of the site to fulfill requests for additional information. This may be done via phone, fax, e-mail, postal mail or other transmission methods as may be requested by the visitor. Information that is collected is stored on a secure server.

Worldzī does not, disclose, share, release, sell, transfer, rent, lease or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to outside parties. We may, from time to time, engage a third-party company to send e-mail messages on our behalf. In such case, the third party is bound to comply with this Website Privacy Policy. To opt out of Worldzī communications and lists, please e-mail your request to or follow the instructions included in an e-mail message from Bulzī. Bulzī may also provide personally identifiable information to third parties when such disclosure is required by law, such as in response to a subpoena, court order or as part of a legal process.

The Worldzī and Bulzī websites may use cookies, web beacons and other monitoring technologies to compile anonymous statistics about site users, in order to understand typical use patterns and reinforce website design decisions. Additional information collected as part of the standard log files for the website may include various analytics such as entry and exit pages, duration spent on various pages, navigation between pages, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, platform and related data. Website user data collected by these tools does not in any way link back to personally identifiable information provided to Bulzī for information request purposes.


Consumer Data Privacy Policy

Bulzī’s addressable advertising platform utilizes third-party mobile data which is provided to Bulzī in an anonymous format, and all data is securely transmitted and stored by our system. The Bulzī advertising platform uses this data to aggregate the demographic characteristics of groups of consumers exposed to OOH inventory such as billboards and digital signs, and to apply mathematical formulas and data analytics to filter available OOH ad inventory based on ad targeting criteria. This analysis enables the Bulzī advertising platform to serve the most relevant ad possible to the OOH screen. None of the data that Bulzī collects, receives or uses includes personally identifiable information (PII).

Bulzī contracts with third party data analytics firms to derive demographic associations, strip out all PII content and then share the anonymized data with us. This ensures that Bulzi continually operates in a zero-PII environment.

Bulzī may also use commercially available mobile device sensors to more accurately identify the presence of mobile devices near OOH inventory. These sensors monitor various signals broadcast publically by the device but do not attempt to communicate with the device or the consumer in any way. As with all of Bulzī’s data, this sensor data does not include PII.

In addition to using the data we collect to serve ads on OOH ad networks, Bulzī also reports information about the audiences exposed to OOH ads to our advertising customers and operator partners. In all cases the data we share with such third parties is in an aggregated and fully anonymized format.

Any consumer wishing to opt of our mobile data feeds can easily do so here . Within thirty days of receiving your opt-out request, Bulzi will stop saving any information about your mobile device in our databases and delete any data associated with your mobile device that already exists in our system.

Bulzī reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, with the website indicating the last date of update. For questions about Bulzī’s privacy policy, please contact us.

Privacy Policy last updated: November 1, 2015

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